BSF Thwarts heroin Smuggling from drone Attempt Near Pakistan Border in Punjab; Seizes 15.5 kg of heroin

Significant Heroin Seizure: BSF Thwarts Drone Smuggling Attempt Near Pakistan Border in Punjab

Chandigarh: In a noteworthy operation, the Border Security Force (BSF) successfully intercepted a drone entering Indian airspace from Pakistan near Kakkar village in Amritsar district, Punjab. The drone was fired upon by the BSF shortly after midnight on Tuesday, leading to the discovery of two packets containing a substantial amount of heroin weighing over 15.5 kg.

The seizure of such a significant quantity of narcotics holds immense importance, coinciding with a crucial meeting between senior officials from the BSF and Punjab police in Amritsar. The meeting aimed to address the escalating use of drones for smuggling arms, explosives, and drugs across the border.

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The infiltration of drones and their payloads, including weapons, ammunition, and drugs, has emerged as a pressing concern for security agencies, particularly along Punjab’s 500-km international border with Pakistan. This incident adds to the mounting evidence of this trend observed over the past four years.

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