VIDEO FOOTAGE: Two female teachers engage in physical altercation, slapping and kicking each other in Bihta, Bihar. Ongoing investigation in progress.

ON CAMERA: Two female teachers engaged in physical altercation in Bihta, Bihar; investigation in progress.

Patna: A scuffle between two teachers in Patna’s Bihta area was captured in a viral video on social media. The incident arose from personal enmity between the teachers, leading to a heated argument and physical fight. Bihta Block Education Officer, Navesh Kumar, stated that the teachers involved have been asked to provide an explanation regarding the incident. Strict actions will be taken against them based on the outcome of the investigation. The video emerged on social media on Friday.

In the video, the two teachers can be seen slapping and kicking each other while lying on the side of a dirt road track. They are grabbing each other’s clothes in an attempt to restrain the other. Onlookers surrounding the altercation are trying to intervene and separate them, while another woman is observed hitting one of the teachers with a slipper, seemingly supporting the other teacher. Other bystanders present are focused on ending the fight, and no one takes sides.

watch video here:

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